2010 Pennypack Photo Contest

Winning Images of the 2010 Pennypack Photo Contest

The Unseen Pennypack

3rd Place: Laurie Curtin

2nd Place: Brent Schnarr

1st Place: Anna Mindel

People in Nature

3rd Place: Joy Feerar

2nd Place: Paul Curtin

1st Place: Geoffrey Orthwein

Birds, Bugs and Wildlife

3rd Place: Lynne Pitcairn

2nd Place: Ruth Gordon

1st Place: Harris Brown


3rd Place: Joy Feerrar

2nd Place: Robert Andrew Ferguson

1st Place: Laurie Curtin


3rd Place: Paul Curtin

2nd Place: Jason Buss

1st Place: Neva Asplundh

The Essence of Fall

3rd Place: Joshua Thomas

2nd Place: David Block

1st Place: Brent Schnarr

Congratulations to the Winners & a big Thanks to all participating Photographers